IMG_0714Our Business idea

Elbil2020, based in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm, has been formed to take the visions, ideas and concepts of a sustainable transport sector through to practical implementation.

The company acts as a user organization in relation to the automotive and energy companies and as a knowledge organization for companies and residents of Hammarby Sjöstad.

Elbil2020 therefore works as a citizens’ initiative, established within the framework of the Parliamentary target of a fossil-independent transport sector in 2030.

The company operates since 2014 with the Energy Agency and the Technical Research Institute SP Demo project DemoCity for electric vehicles. In a continuation, Demo City 2.0, g Elbil2020 is plannin to concentrate resources on the light electric vehicles (electric bicycles), how heavy electric vehicles and transport can be integrated into the urban environment, electric buses and ferries and how they can become a part of the electro-mobile transport system, intended both for people and goods.

Project DemoCity for electric vehicle, which so far has concentrated on the car, the user and the charge has led to accumulation of knowledge about how the transition to EVs can and should go to. The project, in collaboration with, among others Atrium Ljungberg and behavior researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology investigated the electric car ecosystem from both a technical and economic commercial perspective and aims to present a user-oriented, well-founded plan to the authorities and politicians on how the transition can take place.



Knowledge of electric cars is still low

Elbil2020 notes for the latest TNS / Sifo survey of knowledge about electric car charging in Sweden is relatively low. Only 3 of 10 knows that an electric car can be charged from a regular 220 volt outlet. And only 2 of 10 believes that it has sufficient knowledge about the electric car. About 1 in 7 of those surveyed believe that it is likely that you will buy an electric car The next time you buy a car which is a decrease of 4 out of 5 that were likely electric consumers in 2007 (before there was any electric cars). With the potential electric car buyers are environmental considerations, the main reason, while those who are reluctant to electric car emphasizes price, range and lack of charging facilities as a reason.


Laddstolpar-Hogalid-6223Big problem with charging in garage

In an attempt to get housing associations with garage to prepare for electric vehicle charging, the experience of this on many major issues. Of the members 43 Properties in Hammarby Sjöstad with garage has about 10 numbers shown interest. 2 has installed charging, three are in the pipeline while  10 still after about one year awaiting internal decisions. Getting the associations know what technology is needed, how to measure and charge for the site and for the power consumed. The cost of charging infrastructure is seen as a big problem, but also were the chargers should  be placed is sometimes a hard nut to crack. Should we ask car owners to change the parking lot to bring down installation costs? Who will own the equipment? Elbil2020 out that the lack of standards, simple instructions and know how it works in practice is the main reason that it takes time with home charging.

To facilitate and assist the tenants associations have Elbil2020 along with an installation company in Sjöstaden and a Swedish charging companies developed a simple model of how the charge can be offered at a low investment cost. The system is now being tested in a pilot garage.

Elbil2020 has conducted several demonstrations of electric vehicles and other electric vehicles in the Hammarby Sjöstad and Nacka Sickla Shopping Center. About 500 people have so far offered the test drive of an electric car and a survey responds most to an electric car would copedriving needs in more than 95% of all driving.

Elbil2020 notes that if housing associations, private garage owners, businesses and parking companies do not understand the importance of offering electric vehicle charging, one is an effective barrier to the conversion of the fleet. Likewise, requiring that a potential electric car buyers must be exposed to the electric car in the early to even think about a change of vehicle at the next purchase.

resenarer-kliver-pa-buss-laddhybrid-1280x720-rewirElectric buses in Stockholm for a clean and quiet traffic

Elbil2020 together with Vattenfall and Volvo has taken the initiative to introduce electric buses in SL traffic in Stockholm. Line 73 now runs eight charging-hybrid buses between Ropsten and Karolinska in a demo project. Now the project is being conducted Bus Stockholm Plan which aims to replace samtlig 300 city buses in Stockholm to electric buses for a clean and quiet operation.

A brand new (non-profit) initiatives / networks have also been established with the goal of collecting business, society and research on energy issues, electrified transport, waste, water and local communication. Elbil2020 and Electricity Stockholm has the ambition to make Hammarby Sjöstad to a national demonstration city for the transition to electric vehicles and a global role model in the transition to sustainable transportation. Today, over 34 companies and organizations joined the initiative ElectriCITY.

Ladda Hemma – the need for a comprehensive awareness campaign

Last fall,  Elbil2020 TNS / Sifo did a survey, one of knowledge, with questions to the consumers. We asked some 1,100 people around the country about the general knowledge of electric vehicles, knowledge of electric vehicles, knowledge of loading capabilities, attitudes to electric cars, electric car’s future and of attitudes to the electric car. The results of the SIFO survey and previous similar surveys conducted is now the basis for a national effort on how we can recharge our electric vehicles at home. The campaign Ladda Hemma is now being formulated and invitations will go out to the wide majority of sectors and companies.

Without home-charging no electric cars!

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